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background info

Imran Salman Corporation has developed silk business. We have long history in silk yarn & fabric industry. Imran Salman Corporation have good relationship with fabric makers and yarn dealers from all over the world. We develop our business from Raw Material to Fabric.
Our strong point is worldwide purchase source of raw silk, the production of twisted yarns and fabrics from all over the world.

Quality Policy

Work in planned & coordinated manner to effectively implement quality management systems. To continually strive to achieve high standards in the design and manufacture of our products using state of the art technology and equipment. To consistently deliver quality products within agreed schedules to meet our customer’s expectations. ESIL products shall be among the best available in the global market.

About our future

The company has the planning capabilities to vividly express the global fashion of tomorrow. These consist of being able to actualize seasonal products and having the production prowess to deliver these products to stores in a timely manner based on consistent quality and delivery deadline management. However, the value we provide does not stop at that, our business spirit is embodied in how we challenge ourselves to reduce customers’ risks at every step from production to distribution. Therein lies the value that we create.


The visionaries

Imran Javed

Learning from the past, ensuring healthy present and enhancing prospects for the future is a constant cycle followed by all organizations with global ambition. Eastern Silk shall keep reinventing itself as a competitive, innovative and well – respected organization. Be it our customers or business associates, employees or consumers, we shall add value to their endeavors through our association. Silk for us not only our business, but a means to stimulate human creativity and contribute to well being of thousands of families associated with us. We shall continue to excel with silk.

Salman Javed

I am thankful to Almighty Allah, I belong to the world's most beautiful region. Time to time, I remind myself that when you hit the rock bottom, that is the true start of business. I have been fixing my eye firmly on the future whether the business is going well or not, and never let my guard down. The 50-years journey was full of ups and downs. We have been over comming the economical whirlwind with creativity and flexibility. Our manufacture-oriented management has casted the trust and the satisfaction into shape to take on the fast growing market throughout the world.

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